Brand strategy is one of the most commonly misunderstood and misapplied business practices. What could be used as both a guardrail and source of inspiration to guide business development is frequently downgraded to a novel marketing tactic—something to check off the list to appear “more legit” to investors or prospects.

When a company’s brand is equated to a logo and a handful of colors, it serves more as decoration than of something with any real substance or business value. Operating from this definition, founders who invest in branding might see it as an opportunity to camouflage a less developed product…

Starting something new is a chance to build what you have been envisioning and pining for, possibly even for years. But it’s also a chance to set off on a rambling course of overcomplicated and arbitrary decision making that wastes a lot of energy. If you’re working with a team, this impact will be multiplied as you try to give everyone a chance to speak their minds even while knowing that you can only choose one thing in the end. Democracy is not the answer. The design process is the answer.

Establishing a look and feel for your company might…

Lean Design for Startups

Use your brand as a strategic advantage to establish and scale your online business or SaaS company.

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